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CONTACT: Dan McLagan
January 10, 2023

Leading conservative voice CJ Pearson Launches GA State House Campaign
““Ronald Reagan once said that, “freedom can be lost in a generation”. That’s exactly why I’m running because I refuse to allow it to be my generation.”

GROVETOWN, GA – Longtime conservative activist C.J. Pearson today announced his campaign for the Georgia House seat recently left vacant by Representative Barry Fleming (R-Harlem). Fleming resigned from the chamber after Gov. Brian Kemp appointed him as a judge in the Columbia Judicial Circuit. Pearson is recognized as one of the leading conservative voices among Generation Z and has garnered a national following, inspiring millions of Americans young and old. His work has been featured by a range of national publications and outlets including Fox News, The New York Post, USA Today, TIME, and more. He made his debut on the political stage at age eight when he began a political blog focused on local politics in Grovetown, GA and has been a campaign professional, media pundit and advocate for conservative causes. “Ronald Reagan once said that, ‘freedom can be lost in a generation’. That’s exactly why I’m running because I refuse to allow it to be my generation” Pearson said today. “I want to raise kids in a Georgia that is short on crime and long on opportunities for Georgia families.” Pearson’s campaign will focus primarily on three issues: eliminating government red tape like Certificate of Need laws that make it difficult for those living in rural Georgia to access quality health care, keeping more money in the wallets of hardworking Georgians by completing the phase out of the Georgia state income tax, and protecting Georgia’s traditional values by eliminating Critical Race Theory, keeping wokeism out of the classroom, and ensuring opportunities, safety and fair competition for female athletes and students which is currently threatened by extreme liberal transgender advocates.

Pearson continued:

“The people of my district don’t want to elect just another Republican to this seat; they want to elect a conservative who knows how to fight like the future of our country is on the line. Because it is - make no qualms about it. “ “I’m running to Keep Georgia Georgia - a state that champions hard work, understands the value of a dollar, and believes in God, not government. Those aren’t just my values. They’re Georgia values.”

Biography of CJ Pearson
A Grovetown native and Evans High School graduate, C.J. Pearson has amassed a significant online following as one of the nation’s premier young conservative thought leaders. He has worked professionally as a communications specialist, a multimedia political content creator and opinion writer, and a campaign strategist. He currently serves as the National Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee Youth Advisory Council.