Our values are under attack from the woke political left. They have made it clear that they intend to transform our very way of life by continually undermining our classrooms and communities. CJ is ready to stand in their way. He’ll defend our girls’ sports teams from radical gender ideology, ensure our students are taught the truth about our history rather than far left fantasies, and fight the DEI agenda in our business community and government.


CJ knows that Georgia’s success is intrinsically linked to its security. He’s a steadfast supporter of law enforcement, and he will always Back the Blue in the Georgia State House by ensuring that they have the resources and support they need to keep our families safe. He will also protect the interests of Georgians by holding Soros-backed prosecutors who place politics over the rule of law to account.


This year’s presidential election is one of the most important of our lives. It will determine whether our nation continues on its current devastating path or gets back on the right track. For such a momentous event, it is absolutely critical for Georgia voters to be able to have faith in our system again. The Elections Integrity Law was a good start, but we can do more. We need to secure our voting machines and strengthen protections against counterfeit ballots. Our elections simply too important to ignore the threat of cheating.


Georgia’s state income tax is a relic. We have been surpassed by our neighbors and several other states that have removed this burden from their citizens. We need to catch up. Joe Biden’s destructive policies that have led to rampant inflation and out-of-control prices on everyday goods have made this imperative. CJ will work together with Governor Kemp and fellow Republicans at the State Capitol to make this a reality.


In the words of President Reagan, as the government expands, liberty contracts. CJ is eager to eliminate burdensome regulations and downsize our state government in any way he can. One of his first priorities in office will be to abolish Certificate of Need laws that limit the ability of rural Georgians to access quality healthcare. Less government means more opportunity for everyone, and CJ is ready to help create that opportunity for Georgia.


Under the failed leadership of Joe Biden, every state has become a border state. Every town has become a border town. The unlawful entry of 10 million migrants in the first few years under Joe Biden’s regime has affected every state, including our beloved Georgia. Illegal immigration diverts state spending from the needs of Georgians, abuses local infrastructure, and raises the crime rates. I will support any and all legislation that reduces the chances of settlements in Grovetown, Appling, and Harlem. The state of Georgia will never be a sanctuary state.