Ronald Reagan once said that, “freedom can be lost in a generation”.
That’s exactly why I’m running because I refuse to allow it to be my generation.

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CJ Pearson is a longtime conservative activist, and political commentator, and currently serves as the National Co-Chair of the Republican Party Youth Advisory Council. Pearson is recognized as one of the leading conservative voices among Generation Z and has garnered a national following, inspiring millions of Americans young and old. Read More>>

Ever since the 2nd grade, CJ has held an interest in politics, having closely followed the drama and excitement surrounding the 2008 Presidential Election and even casting his vote for John McCain in his class’s presidential mock election. Following the 2008 election, the 2nd grader underwent a thoughtful period of self-discovery, which ultimately resulted in his political worldview sharply diverging from the liberal household in which he lived. The ideals and principles of limited government, fiscal conservatism, and economic opportunity sparked a fiery passion within him – even at an incredibly young age.






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